Guess what. The labels are in trouble, according to this article from the New York Times (free registration required, sorry). This is a replay of the same article with the same types of quotes we’ve been seeing for 5 FRIKKING YEARS. “Sales are down”. “Kiosks might help”. “Prices too high?”. “Record Execs lethargic”. “Downloads not working” It’s bloody boring already. The (major) labels are finished, and I say that without emotion, though the glacial realization of that fact is rather maddening. They’re just not going to pull through. The only interesting question any more is how long they will live in the ICU of legally brain dead companies (the major airlines are in the same terminal ward.) There’s been a major accident, people. They won’t pull out of their collective coma. Nothing going on upstairs.

Moreover, it looks like the movie studios are just being wheeled into the emergency room. The price of DVD-R blank media is falling like a rock. The death spasms are going to be more violent but the outcome is very likely to be the same.

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