I’ve been meaning to write about iTunes for a while. It’s a remarkable achievement -
- Sales settling at around 500,000 per week.
- All labels participating
- Windows iTunes SW on the way
- Indie support – 9% comission/$40 registration to list an album

The $1 price for a track seems to be acceptable to the market. The most important thing, I think, is that Apple seems to have, either conciously or unconciously, realized that protection is not the main game – DRM as an accounting system and breadth are. The issue is not piracy but convienence.

This makes me think, for the first time ever, that apple may be a decent investment – the revenue possibilities from itunes, particularily in the windows market, are perhaps not priced into the stock. Of course Apple’s flawed model (HW+SW) is likely to always drag it down, but this seems like a real win on its own – this is the label-displacing energy in a paid model that has been so absent till now.

The thing that amazes me is Jobs’ skills in the entertainment business. (this and Pixar) It’s almost like he’s unaware where his true abilities lie.

Thanks to Rajiv Sinclair for keeping me up to date.
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