Random Thoughts After a While

Over a year since my last post. I guess that’s what having a 2nd kid does to one’s schedule. But honestly, it’s been really busy – DRM for video in particular is really getting a lot of attention. Lately I have been reccomending to all my clients that want to put video online to simply go with Windows Media DRM (or rights manager or whatever they call it these days). It goes against my gut feeling about the whole industry (I think Microsoft makes crap products and is finally in serious trouble as Ballmer totally botches what Gates built) but it’s the only game in town for downloadable content because the platform is so ubiquitous. And even though I love Apple stuff, until the allow others to use FairPlay, that’s all we’ve got. Maybe that means the best thing is to simply sell unprotected mp4 files. If I can get that idea to pass I usually try. But usually it is not a popular idea with rightsholders.

I’ve also been playing a lot with DLNA, especially on the PS3. It’s well implemented on the PS3 but I have not found a great option on the server end – at least not in XP. TVersity is not bad. The workflow to get content onto the server is slow and rather cumbersome. But it’s still much better than getting stuff to the TiVo and since it goes to the Playstation which is a great rendering machine, it looks ok. For a while I thought I could play VOB files but it seems the PS3 does not deinterlace properly through the DLNA client.

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