A Digital Move

I am working on a website for Jessica and I at www.aloftcorp.com. Its only a framework at this point – I am thinking about the theme and logo. I am planning to use it as a pointer to our sites that we run our consulting work through. It’s time to wind down www.drmconsulting.com. It seems Drupal and DRM are just not compatible, and have been thinking about abandoning DRM consulting at least as a main business. I think it’s essentially over – the very notion of DRM is no longer useful because it’s been contaminated by so much bad press.
How did it get so bad? Well, I think it’s a simple case of extremism damaging the environment for everyone. DRM was never as bad as a notion as the EFF oriented people would like to believe. It’s possible to have content that is rights managed that is not even copy protected, something I have always advocated – that the rights are attached to the content and payment etc is handled by the system. There would be a tremendous amount of leakage to be sure. On the other side, the content companies have been so reluctant to get their stuff out there for use that they have encouraged a lot of piracy. Plus they don’t seem to understand the real value in letting content move “on it’s own” and utilizing the peer to peer nature of the web. The recent successes digital delivery like Hulu and even Netflix are really just extensions of the broadcast paradigm, something that the internet is not well suited to at all.

In any event this blog has been running for a while now (it’s not really a blog since it’s flat html – I’ve moved it so many times). It’s time to update our site to match the company and I might as well use this as a chance to build it properly in Drupal 6.

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