Working in wordpress

Wow! Blogging has gotten easier, or maybe it’s more that I haven’t given wordpress a fair shake since I got into Drupal several years ago…trying this new theme, (tanzaku) a Japanese one that resizes automatically.  It’s a re-think of “dynamic width” – the articles float into columns based on the window size, which is a great concept.

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 7.04.40 PM

My old site was actually HTML, I am almost embarrassed to say.  It was in blogger originally, and I thought about putting it in Drupal, but was never happy with the UX for editing a blog in Drupal.  While Drupal is a very strong platform it’s a sucky blogging tool, but it remains oriented around the blogging concept.

I actually got a bit down on blogging in the past year or so (not that I was ever a huge blogger) for a few reasons: one, DRM which I talked about before, and two because it has gotten so commonplace, that I feel leery of the whole thing. I suppose I’m too non-conformist and that’s just silly – blogging is still worth doing.  And finally, and related to 2), the whole issue of privacy online.  Although I am somewhat neutral on the topic, Jessica does not want to post photos or videos of the kids online, and I can certainly see where she’s coming from.  I have a password protected area on Vimeo which is pretty good…but all the photos I take these days are of the family which really cuts down the material for a blog.  Well not all of it but the vast bulk.

In any event, as I move from a focus on Drupal to a more generalized “CMS architect” position, I am exposing myself to more frameworks.  Not about to go all Django just yet, but need to calibrate along the PHP axis of WordPress/Drupal/Magento.  The right tool for the RIGHT job, as a carpenter I knew as a kid used to say…

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