To tease or not to tease

I was never a huge fan of teasers.  They just seemed to be an annoying way to break one’s flow while reading and inhibited scanning someone’s blog.  But when making a blog they are nice!  Is it just me or is it really something writers like and readers don’t I wonder.  Certainly the re-do of Fake Steve fell into this category.  I used to read it all the time on the iphone but now don’t – because of the teasers and the template which loads like a dog on the iphone.

I have felt the same about tags and categories too.  Maybe (Maybe!) makes sense for huge blogs or blogs with a ton of writers but I always felt that between the title and google, categorizing and tagging are covered.  Maybe I should categorize more though.  I do like one blog (Alan Storm) because he tags his tutorials on Magento appropriately.  But I haven’t seen other good uses of the notion.

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