City of Brisbane, California

The City of Brisbane hired me to completely overhaul their site – visually and architecturally.  I was able to choose the platform and so I proposed Drupal.  I’m happy with it because it really allows Drupal to shine as a content management system.  It allows for the city staff to upload video of council meetings and attach them to the agendas – and views are used to sort and display the meetings pages.  Have a look.  The project was completed on time and on budget.  Here’s what they had to say about it:

“I worked closely with C.J. on the development of Brisbane’s new website,  It was a daunting project, with the huge amount of information of most government sites house, but C.J. has the know-how and experience to make even the most complex websites extremely easy to navigate and maneuver.  He constantly was thinking from the perspective of the citizen, laying out department menus and information in a way that was not only easy to find, but enjoyable to go through, too!  I think that made all the difference in our website being so widely received and welcomed by the community.  I had a great experience myself working with C.J. – I just wish wish we had found him sooner!”

Brisbane, CA Website Screenshot