Drupal for Municipalities

Ever since I started on the Brisbane, CA site I have been interested in making Drupal work better for cities.  The fact that so many government agencies are glued into proprietary solutions, especially aspx based systems, is not just silly or sad but actually a real problem.  I’d like to see open source in general, and Drupal in particular, used in government, particularly local government.  To this end, I am working with a couple guys in Sacramento to create a company that will do Drupal for municipalities.  We have started a website here.  One of the goals is to try to minimize the amount or repetition that web developers do.  This is already well done by specialized vendors of city website solutions, but not for an open source framework.  What I plan to do first is create an installation profile for Drupal to be used in municipalities.  The first thing I have done in this regard is create a feature using the features module.  I did a post over there about it.

Community Site Design Group website screenshot