Whitehat Hacking

Today I got one of those typical phishing attack emails.  On a whim I decided to have a quick look at the source, to see where it was going.  The source indicated a free host in the U.S. – something you don’t usually see…usually it goes overseas.  So I went there and much to my surprise directory listing was turned on, and I was able to browse the directories.  Inside a folder called /tmp was a little php script and beside it a little text file.  In the text file was, lo and behold, the results of the phishing attack which had about a half a dozen what seems to be the actual credit card info of unsuspecting people, along with a couple funny submissions too.  Check it out.

I’m not surprised to see the phishing attack working, but what (kind of) surprises me is that the phishers are so careless they leave the directory exposed for the world to see.

Needless to say visa and the FBI have been notified.  Be careful everyone!