About Us

cj Aloft Corp is a Bay Area company composed of the husband and wife team, C.J. MacDonald and Jessica Aloft.

C.J. is a Media Technology and Marketing Manager with longstanding experience designing, deploying, and administering Web-based software implementations focused on supporting customers’ product development, management, and marketing initiatives. Develops, tests, and launches Internet-based promotional campaigns designed to improve product and service branding and increase sales revenues. Professional strengths include excellent problem resolution skills, a deep knowledge of Web content analysis and development platforms, and active leadership of technical teams. You can see samples of his recent work here and a resume is available here.  Follow him on twitter. More traditional means of contact are here.

Jessica provides writing, research, project management, and community advocacy expertise to non-profit, government, and corporate clients. Most recently she has worked as a contract grant writer for several non-profit organizations, and as a policy advocate for a leading Bay Area environmental organization. More information about her work can be found here.

C.J. and Jessica live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their three young daughters.